Home builders back a licensing scheme to combat rogue tradesmen in the UK

Property Wire reports on how the vast majority of builders in the UK would like to see the introduction of a licensing scheme to combat cowboys in the industry, new research has found.

Almost 80% are in favour of more regulation in the construction industry with the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) warning that cowboys will continue to operate unless licensing is introduced.

It is calling on the Government to introduce a licensing scheme in construction to ensure that there is a minimum level of competence and professionalism across the industry that would give consumers greater assurance when hiring a builder.

Unlike in the United States and Germany, anyone can be a builder in the UK. According to the FMB this means is that there is a significant minority of cowboy builders which give the whole construction industry a bad name.

The latest FMB research shows that almost 80% of members are so fed up with rogue builders tarnishing their reputation, they are in favour of introducing a licencing scheme. The research among consumers also shows that a third of home owners in the UK are so anxious about hiring a dodgy builder that they don’t commission any building work whatsoever.

The research also found that the average home owner would spend around £40,000 on major home improvement projects over the next five years if they could be guaranteed a positive experience with their builder.

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