Redrow a “premium alternative”

Redrow announced its set to launch a national TV advertising campaign, aimed at challenging “outdated perceptions” of its new homes.

The housebuilder’s “They Say…” campaign promotes Redrow as a “premium alternative” to second hand homes while aiming to transform existing myths revealed in a Zoopla Smarter Property Solutions Survey.

While the survey of 600 adults showed that potential buyers considered new build properties to be easy to maintain, more environmentally friendly than older homes with good layouts and featuring the latest technologies, the respondents also deemed new builds to have small rooms, to be too uniform and stylistically unappealing.

But Redrow’s advertisement, launched at the beginning of this month, sets about discarding these perceptions, it said, explaining three “standout benefits” of a Redrow home, supported by its own evidence which shows that firstly, Redrow Homes are not small – its four-bedroom Henley house type is reportedly more than 164 sqm when, Redrow states, the new build national average is 88.9 sqm.

The advert also shows that Redrow homes have character, the housebuilder said, with each home on every street different to its neighbour. The homes also “have a soul” as the third benefit – for example, dining and family areas are “carefully considered to truly maximise family living spaces”.

Redrow’s advert will be shown across video-on demand platforms All 4 and ITV player, and YouTube TrueView. It is currently available on Redrow’s

Dave Bexon, Redrow’s group sales and marketing director, said: “At Redrow, we are continuously striving to innovate both our marketing and customer service strategies for our customers.

“Our aim is to not only be the number one housebuilder of choice but to disrupt the new homes marketplace by ensuring consumers understand we are a premium alternative to second hand